Things we do besides work…

In this post we’re showing you some things we do besides work!

The first: Renee’s Farewell


Renee Karas was working in our lab until October 2014, since completing her PhD investigating spatial visual processing in the elderly in 2013. She has just taken a new exciting job as a human factors scientist. All the best in your new project Renee!

IMG_1485The second: Lab Retreat 2014.

Once a year we organise a social activity to reward ourselves for the hard work we do throughout the year. This year we went to Lakes Entrance, located in eastern Victoria, Australia. The beach was perfect for cricket and we even spotted dolphins and seals playing in the water! On our visit to the nearby Buchan Caves we were also lucky enough to see kangaroos lazing about in the shade. BBQ lunch, fish and chips by the water, monopoly, stories by the campfire, and plenty of table tennis made it a perfect weekend getaway from the city!



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