Congratulations Luke!

In this first post of 2015, first of all, we want to wish a happy 2015 to all of our readers. Thank you for showing interest in our lab and what we do!

After a month away, we are updating this blog with one of the last events that happened in 2014: Luke’s thesis submission. In December 2014, Luke submitted his thesis titled: “Customised, automated stimulus location choice to improve visual field procedures”.

The visual field is the area of visual space that you can see with one eye, without moving fixation. We are most sensitive to objects in the visual field in the centre of our view (fovea), whereas our sensitivity gradually declines into the periphery – this is referred to as the ‘hill of vision’. In clinical practice, we measure visual fields using a technique called perimetry. Accurate visual field assessment is essential, as many forms of visual loss can be halted or slowed if detected early. Commonly used perimetric procedures sample the visual field using a fixed pattern of stimulus locations. To date, there has been no significant investigation of different sampling patterns in perimetry and customising stimulus choice based on the observer’s responses. Luke’s study addressed this issue by improving measurement of the hill of vision through customised stimulus placement and intensity. As a result, an automated approach that samples at a high spatial resolution around scotoma borders was developed.

His published paper can be read here:

So, congratulations Luke, and all the best for your future projects.


Luke and Allison after getting the PhD submission balloon from the University of Melbourne.


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