Goodbye 2015… and welcome to the new year!

Happy new year! Our lab has returned in 2016 after a well deserved break while the University of Melbourne was closed for the festive season.

In 2015 we said goodbye to a few of our lab members:

  • Luke Chong and Jia Jia Lek graduated from their PhD degrees
  • Shonraj Ballae successfully completed his PhD thesis and is due to graduate from his degree
  • Juan Sepulveda graduated from his Masters degree
  • Siyuan Chen moved to France to continue her research

Janet Chan also successfully completed her PhD thesis and is due to graduate, and has returned to our lab as a post-doctoral research fellow.

We also have a new page as part of the University of Melbourne Department of Optometry and Vision Sciences website, where you can find out about our current research projects and collaborations

We have had some overseas visitors arrive in 2015 as part of our international collaborations. Dr Fumi Tanabe moved to Melbourne in October 2015 from the Department of Ophthalmology at Kinki University, Japan. She will be spending some time here continuing her research in glaucoma and visual field tests. At the end of 2015, Dr Quentin Lenoble from Universite Lille Nord, France, visited our lab for a few weeks as part of an international collaborative grant between our Australian and French research institutes.

Of course, we like to show our guests the Australian way of life and what better time of year than our summer: pizza picnics, walks on the beach, penguin spotting, indoor bubble soccer (this was our chosen end-of-year ‘lab event’) and one of our favourite outdoor sports, cricket.

fumi cricket

Fumi practises her batting skills with encouragement from Andrew, cricket enthusiast

phillip island

Fumi, Quentin, and Kabilan visit Phillip Island, home of the fairy penguins, on Christmas Eve


Our lab end-of-year event where we attempted to play indoor soccer while in an inflatable bubble suit. There were lots of bumps, rolls, and upside-down moves but not so many goals!


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