Lab adventures down the Great Ocean Road

On a winter’s weekend in August, our lab went on a roadtrip down the Great Ocean Road. Our main activity was to walk along part of the Great Ocean Walk from Blanket Bay campground to the Cape Otway lighthouse. Highlights from the trip were:

  • Koala spotting in the Cape Otway National Park
  • Friendly alpacas (and ‘cowpacas’) on the drive out from the lighthouse
  • Hearty bowls of pasta arabbiata and board games
  • Barefoot leaps across the chilly water to reach the hidden cove of Parker’s Inlet
  • Marine mammal spotting from Apollo Bay and the Cape Otway lighthouse
  • Free French lessons from our visiting PhD student from Lille, Clement
  • Quick detour on the drive home to the Erskine Falls outside of Lorne
  • Our very own resident paparazzo (Honours student, Chongyue) taking photos of our every move


lab retreat3

Our enthusiastic bunch before we embarked on the 11.5 km walk

lab retreat1

Halfway stop at Parker’s Inlet between Blanket Bay and Cape Otway lighthouse

lab retreat2

We made it to the Cape Otway lighthouse!


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