A trip to Italy: Imaging and Perimetry Society Symposium

Members of our lab have just returned from a trip to sunny Italy to attend the 22nd International Visual Field Imaging Symposium. The meeting was held in the small town of Udine, in north east Italy, with the conference itself being held in the Castle of Udine.

Nikki presented a talk “Incorporating probabilistic graphical models into perimetric test procedures”, which describes work directly from her PhD studies.


Allison was busy with her role as Secretary of the Imaging and Perimetry Society  which is an international organisation of researchers that aims to: 1) to promote the study of normal and abnormal visual function and of ocular imaging, and  2) to ensure and facilitate the cooperation and friendship of scientists of different countries working and interested in these disciplines. The next IPS meeting (23rd International Visual Field and Imaging Symposium) will be held in Kanazawa, Japan, May 9-12, 2018.


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